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These are just a few of the reasons that folks enter the U.S. manufacturing industry job workforce. These exciting motivators are further enhanced through job stability and good pay.

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Before submitting a resume, use this checklist to ensure that your resume gets noticed by potential employers:
Deliver clean and clear copy
Typos, misspelled words and bad grammar are the easiest ways for your resume to find its way into the circular file bin. Hiring a resume writer is always a good idea, but asking a friend to read through your resume can be a big help in catching errors.
Highlight your accomplishments
A typical resume lists previous job descriptions, but no one should want a typical resume, so be sure to add any accomplishments or achievements that you’re proud of as bulleted items below the job description. A good example could be including a successful project that you worked on or a strategy that you implemented to increase productivity or profitability.
Use common keywords throughout
Many employers today scan resumes for typical keywords associated with the job on offer, so use the most common language possible to describe your work experience.
Include certifications, associations and professional development
Reserve space at the end of your resume for any additional training you’ve received and organizations that you’ve been involved with.
Keep it short and sweet
No one wants to read the novel of your work life, so tighten your wording wherever possible. Many professional resume writers recommend removing articles, such as “the” and “an,” but another way to shorten a resume is to avoid flowery verbiage. As an example, there’s no need to say that you’re incredibly hardworking. Hardworking can stand alone just fine.
Offer multiple modes of contact
Be sure to include both a phone number and an email address at the top of your resume. The easier it is to get in touch with you, the better chances you have in landing the job.