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Finding quality staff is the No. 1 priority for all employers. To widen your net and find greater access to qualified candidates, Abbe offers a free and easy platform for doing just that.
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The beauty of is that, unlike the other job websites, we are solely dedicated to the manufacturing industry. Besides, you've already created these listings for internal purposes and other job sites, so maximize that work and post your listing on today.
While you are vetting candidates to find the best fit for your company, remember that job seekers are also vetting you as a potential employer. To make a good first impression, take advantage of these tips when you write a job offering:
Don’t get cute with the job title
Job seekers are searching job listings with pointed keywords, so using a job title like “Arc Artist” instead of “Welder” could exclude you from the search results. It could also leave job seekers wondering if they can take you seriously.
Be clear and thorough
If there are specific skills or experience that the job requires, lay them out in a way that is easy to understand. It’s OK if it lengthens the job listing because, in the end, it saves time for both you and the job seeker. As is true for a candidate’s resume, avoid flowery language in your job listing.
Sell your company
With so many job openings and so few qualified candidates, it’s important to highlight the perks of the job. This can start with expected job benefits, such as vacation time and retirement funds, but don’t forget to list other important factors such as your company’s community involvement, inclusive hiring practices and other positive aspects about your company culture.
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To find your next great hire at, create a job listing and fill out the form to describe the position. It’s that easy.
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