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Abbe.com considers manufacturing the most dynamic and exciting industry to work in today. With cutting-edge equipment – lasers, robots, 3-D printers, AI software and more – manufacturers are producing new and innovative products that are changing the world for the better. The manufacturing industry is responsible for nearly everything society relies on, including our transportation, housing and personal electronics.

It is also one of the most critical industries in terms of economic growth: The U.S. manufacturing sector accounts for 70 percent of business R&D expenditure, 30 percent of productivity growth and 60 percent of all exports. According to the National Association of Manufacturers, every $1.00 spent in manufacturing adds another $2.79 to the economy, the highest multiplier effect of any economic sector.

The true beauty of the manufacturing industry is that job opportunities are boundless - from welders, machine operators and product engineers to marketing managers, sales reps and executives, there's something for everyone. With a growing commitment to make products here in the United States, more jobs are opening up by the day. And as one generation looks to retire, another must step up to carry the torch.

And that's why Abbe.com is here today - to connect interested job candidates with employers that need good talent. Abbe.com is dedicated to creating an enjoyable job search experience that results in good-paying and fulfilling work. The pride that comes from a job in the manufacturing industry is immeasurable, as is the gratitude this nation owes to those that power it.

For job seekers that want to work in the manufacturing community, the opportunities are boundless.
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